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Johnson, Abda - Colonel. See Captain Co. I.

Young, Robert M.- Lieutenant Colonel March 19, 1862. Wounded at New Hope Church, Ga. May 26, 1864. Recom mended for retirement by Medical Examining Board on ac count of wounds February 20, 1865.

Camp Raleigh Spinks - Elected Captain of Co. B, 7th Regiment Texas Inf. October 2, 1861; Major of the 40th Regiment Ga. Inf. March 19, 1862. Acting Inspector General in 1863. Captured at Vicksburg, Miss. July 4, 1863, and paroled there July 6, 1863. Wounded in left arm in 1864. Furloughed from Floyd House Hospital at Macon, Ga. for 45 days on account of wounds May 23, 1864. No later record. (Born in 1831.)

Warwick, George W.- Adjutant June 11, 1862. See private Co. B.

Bray, Bannister R.- Chaplain. See private Co. D.

Strickland, John - Chaplain March 4, 1862. Captured at Lex- ington, Ky. October 23, 1862. Sent to Louisville, Ky. and ex changed near Vicksburg, Miss. December 8, 1862. Died at home December 31, 1862. Thompson, Gregg Mathew (or Grigg Matthew) - Chaplain March 16, 1864 (to date from December 1, 1863.) Declined.

Henderson, W. E.- Sergeant Major March 27, 1862. Appears last on roll for December 31, 1863.

Carter, James Henry - Captain & A. Q. M. See private Co. H.

Wooten, L. D.- Quartermaster Sergeant. See private Co. C.

Coyle, Thomas - Ordnance Sergeant. See private Co. D.

Best, John W. F.- Surgeon. See private Co. I.

Fite, Henderson W.- Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon. See Hospital Steward.

Dudley, Marion J.- Assistant Surgeon. See private Co. I.

Lott, E. B.- Appointed Assistant Surgeon of the 1st Texas Legion in 1861. Transferred to the 40th Regiment Ga. Inf. as Assistant Surgeon October 18, 1863. On duty at Chickamauga, Ga. December 31, 1863. No later record.

Fite, Henderson W.- Hospital Steward. See private Co. I.

Chunn, William A.- Commissary Sergeant. See private Co. I.

Mays, Robert G.- Captain & A. C. S. May 12, 1862. See 4th Sergt. Co. B.

----------------------- *Between March 31 and April 17, 1865, the 40th, 41st and 43rd Regiments Georgia Volunteer Infantry were consolidated to form the 40th Battalion Georgia Volunteer Infantry and surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865. 341

Lee, William H.- Enlisted as a private in Co. A, 44th Regiment Mississippi Inf. (Blythe's,) August 1, 1861. Appointed Lieuten ant and Ensign of the 40th Regiment Ga. Inf; July 29, 1864. Present August 27, 1864. No later record.

Staff and Field Officers