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52nd Georgia Regiment

The Fifty-second regiment Georgia volunteers had at first the following field officers:

Col. Wier Boyd

Lieut.-Col. C. D. Phillips

Adjt. W. A. James

The captains were:

(A) S. H. Vandiviere

(B) J. J. Moore

(C) R. R. Asbury

(D) John A. Parker

(E) D. W. Killian

(F) S. M. Beck

(G) Lewis B. Beard

(H) W. W. Brown

(I) John R. Russell

(K) T. F. Cooper

The Fifty-second was assigned to Kirby Smith's department of East Tennessee in the spring of 1862, served in Stevenson's division, which recaptured Cumberland Gap, and then marched into Kentucky.

In the fall of 1862 it was sent to Mississippi and was greatly distinguished for its at Chickasaw Bayou.In the spring and summer of 1863 the 52nd participated in the battles of the campaign that closed with the siege and surrender of Vicksburg.

The 52nd was engaged at Missionary Ridge, and served through the Atlanta campaign and the campaign in Tennessee, and was in the Carolinas under Gen. J. E. Johnston, surrendering April 26, 1865.

The roster of this regiment is even more incomplete than others, the only record of change made being that J. W. Woodward succeeded Captain Parker, and that C. D. Phillips became colonel.


“I have become somewhat tired of doing nothing and am anxious to see this war come to a close and peace... prevail.And I have concluded the best way.. is to convince the Lincoln Government that we were all ready to fly to arms in defense of the country. Therefore, I have applied to Governor Brown and have obtained leave to raise a regiment in Northeastern Georgia for the war....”

(Wier Boyd to his son Augustus, January1861)

52nd Georgia Muster Roll

Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D

Company E

Company F

Company G

Company H

Company I

Company K