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In 1999-2000, descendants of the officers and men of the five confederate regiments making up the Georgia brigade began passing e-mail messages about forming an association devoted to these soldiers. In January 2001, the General Barton & Stovall Historical/Heritage Association (GBSHHA) was established, and Gary Ray Goodson, Sr. was asked to serve as first president. As an historian and award-winning author of the Georgia Confederate 7,000 Series, Gary Goodson comes well qualified. Goodson, a descendent of 40th Georgia regimental drummer, Pvt. Marion W. Goodson, was awarded the Bonnie Blue Society Award from the Sons of Confederate Veterans for his three-book expose about the Barton and Stovall Brigade

.The first annual GBSHHA Congress was held at the Waverly Galleria Center in Marietta, GA Labor Day Weekend, 2002. The association has since selected Labor Day Weekend for all future Congresses, which will be held in or near sites where the Brigade fought their biggest battles. Now, almost 140 years after the close of the War for Southern Independence (Civil War), we come together formally to honor and recognize the officers and men of Brig. Generals Seth Barton and Marcellus Stovall's Georgia Brigade: Georgia 40th, Georgia 41st, Georgia 42nd, Georgia 43rd, and Georgia 52nd.

Membership in the association is open to all descendants and interested persons of arguably one of the finest, most feared and famous Confederate Georgia Infantry Brigades to fight in the war for Southern independence. As our name clearly states, we are devoted to history and heritage, and are not a political organization. The association is breathing life back into dusty, forgotten records and the bygone remembrances of the heritage and family histories of the mostly young, north Georgia farmers who made up the Brigade.

The GBSHHA web-site is established and maintained to honor our Georgia Brigade ancestors by the “Power of the Pen” and thus to promote this power by promoting ongoing research into our shared Confederate history and heritage. Therefore, the GBSHHA will publish at no charge to the authors and researchers of all books, pamphlets, essays, letters, diaries, memoirs and pictures that pertain directly to the officers, men women and their families of the same Georgia Brigade of Seth Barton and Marcellus Stovall serving in the “War for Southern Independence” 1861-1865.

The GBSHHA will publish no materials submitted for publication that contains commercials, advertisments, or promotions of commercially related personal agendas

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