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Addy, Ervin E. Co A. died May 5, 1862

Addy, P.O. Co A. died May 5, 1862

Almon (Almand), John E. Co I. died June 30, 1862

Andrews, John Co I. died in 1863

Baggestt, Joshua A. Co B. died July 6, 1862

Baird (Beard), George W. Co C. diedApril 29, 1862

Baird (Beard), John T. Co. E. died May 10, 1862

Beard, W.B. Co B. died in 1862

Beck, Sgt. Isaiah Springer, Co. G. died May 21, 1862

Blair, 2nd Lt. James O. Co G. died May 6, or June 1, 1862

Cameron, James E. Co E. died May 5, 1862

Campbell, J.N. Co K. diedApril 26, 1862

Carter, John H. Co D. died May 24, 1862

Carter, Reuben F. Co D. died May 2, 1862

Chastain, 1st Lt. Peter R. Co C. died June 7, 1862

Cockerell, James Co I. died July 17, 1862

Cockerell, Samuel Co I. died July 17, 1862

Cockran, James Alex Co K died April 29, 1862

Cole, William A. Co H. died May 1862

Crouch, James A. Co.died May 25, 1862

Davis, John G. Co. K. died April 28, 1862

Douglass,William J. Co. F. died May 16, 1862

Duncan, James E. Co. E. died April 12, 1862

Fuller, Marion B. Co. F. died May 23, 1862

Lauderdale, Mississippi Confederate Cemetery
These are all members of the 41st Georgia Regiment

Bethel Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee
(GPS 355413N 835617W)

The Mabry-Hazen House Museum, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is owned and operated by the Hazen Historical Museum Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to educate the public about the life and times of the Mabry and Hazen families and their roles in the history of Knoxville and East Tennessee.

The historic home, which is located on five acres atop Mabry Hill, includes the 4-acre Civil War "Bethel Cemetery," which contains the remains of approximately 1,670 Civil War soldiers, including Confederate soldiers from every southern state, 50 Union prisoners, and 50 unidentified Confederate soldiers.

40th Georgia Regiment

Alexander J. Co. K 5-26-1662

Ayers Hiram Co. K 5-07-1862

Bakers W.F. Co. I 5-05-1862

Bagnelle J.W. Co. C 5-15-1862

Barrow Robt. Co. B 5-11-1862

Barton C Co. I 6-13-1862

Beck Jas Co. A 5-20-1862

Bishop Leon Co. G 4-22-1862

Bolerson J. Co. K 6-30-1862

Black L.W. Co. F 4-16-1862

Blalock J.W. Co. H 6-06-1862

Bramlet Jas. Co. G 6-07-1862

Brannen W.T. Co. K 5-30-1862

Branton Sam'l Co. B 5-07-1862

Brants Joseph Co. B 5-14-1862

Brookins J.C. Co. I 10-29--62

Brooks John L. Co. F 4-11-1862

Brooks Preston Co. J 4-06-1862

Bryant J. Co. K 4-25-1862

Camp L. Co. A 4-23-1862

Chambers Wm. Co. 5-31-1862

Cole Wm. Co. A 4-27-1862

Coley Edmond Co. K 4-19-1862

Coll Jas. Co. F 4-05-1862

Cox John Co. 5-26-1862

Crow J.M. Co. H 5-16-1862

Davis B. Co. C 5-12-1862

Davis Private? Co. H 5-11-1862

Driskell Benny Co. F 5-22-1862

Dudley Alfred Co. B 4-23-1862

Early James R. Co. B 5-05-1862

Erts E. Co. C 5-18-1862

Eubanks N.H. Co. K 6-17-1862

McDonell J. Co. G 11-18--62
Nichols N.F. Co. C 6-05-1862
Ogle Wm. Co. F 5-03-1862
Osnalt S.C. Co. E 9-12-1862
Pace J.B. Co. G 6-06-1862
Peak J.L. Co. I 5-15-1862
Pinkard John Co. A 4-23-1862
Plunket David Co. K 4-23-1862
Robinson W.T.S. Co. H 5-03-1862
Scott M.P. Co. D 4-25-1862
Searcy T.W. Co. B 5-29-1862
Sempson Wm. Co. G 11-24--62
Sercey T.B. Co. B 5-10-1862
Sheets Nichlas Co. C 6-10-1862
Shiffield John Co. 5-01-1862
Simpson Robert Co. I 6-06-1862
Simson W.B. Co. K 6-04-1862
Spates W.R. Co. G 6-03-1862
Spates Thos. Co. C 4-16-1862
Steuart A. Co. C 11-14--62
Stone J.O. Co. E 10-28--62
Strickland W.P. Co.` E 6-03-1862
Thompson Harrison Co. F 9-29-1862
Thompson Thomas Co. F 4-18-1862
Thompson Y.W. Co. K 5-09-1862
Upshaw W.L. Co. I 5-18-1862
Walroms W.H. Co. A 4-26-1862
Wicks John Co. F 5-25-1862
Williams W.A. Co. B 2-27-1862
Williamson Jas. Co. A 4-27-1862
Wills/Mills? Thos. Co. I 5-11-1862

Hays D.H. C0. C 4-28-1862
Haze W.W. Co. G 5-31-1862
Hazen David G. Co. E 4-05-1862
Heather Joseph Co. B 5-14-1862
Hendricks H.C. Co. F 6-06-1862
Holland Andrew Co. G 4-27-1862
Horens Jno. Co. E 11-17-1862
Hughes B.B. Co. K 4-19-1862
Hughes J.F. Co. 4-01-1862
Jackson A.W. Co. A 11-14-1862
Jackson Jno Co. 5-27-1862
Jackson Wm. Co. D 4-15-1862
Johnson Jas. Co. A 5-10-1862
Johnson W.A. Co. K 6-13-1862
Jones John K. Co. A 4-26-1862
King J.M. Co. K 5-05-1862
Langlers Edward Co. A 5-22-1862
Langley Jas. Co. A 2-25-1862
Lauless J.V. Co. K 11-23--62
Lumpkin E.H. Co. C 5-09-1862
Manglin Jas. Co. A 4-25-1862
Manley Gear W. Co. K 4-28-1863
Margero P. Co. 6-03-1862
Massingill B.P. Co. H 5-05-1862
Mathess W.D. Co. H 10-15--62
May H. Co. H 5-27-1862
Mays F.M. Co. G 5-29-1862
Mitchell Jackson Co. F 5-16-1862
Mitchell Wm. F. Co. D 5-25-1862
Morgan Wm. Co. 4-12-1862
Morris B.F. Co. K 4-16-1862
Morris Edwin Co. G 4-29-1862
Murdock C.W. Co. K 4-23-1862
McClung J. Co. K 4-08-1862

The 41st Georgia Regiment was  generally deployed, and there were only two members buried in this cemetery:

Agnew, Thomas Co.K 10-19-1862

Marlow, Madison Co. D 10-31-1862

42nd Georgia Regiment

Austin, W.W. Co. G 08-15-1862

Barllee, M. Co. C 10-23-1862

Bird, J.F. Co. C. 09-10-1862

Brown, S.W.F.  Co. D. 11-19-1862

Calahan. B. Co. H. 11-22-1862

Childress, Wm. Co. E. 06-27-1862

Claig, H. Co.H. 10-30-1862

Cole, D.C. Co. A 6-27-1862

Davenport, H.S. Co. I. 05-03-1862

Darby, H. Co H. 11-02-1862

Davis, W.H. Co.A 05-09-1862

Dockery, Gev Co. F 12-08-1862

Doss, W.P. Co. H. 11-15-1862

Edwards, J.C. Co. F. 12-08-1862

Everett, J.J. Co. F. 12-08-1862

Fouler, J.M. Co. C. 10-23-1862

Garner, John Cp. A. 08-08-1862

Garrison, R.D. Co. C. 09-13-1862

Horton, L. Co.D. 11-02-1862

Hunter, E. Co. A. 09-12-1862

Hunter, E. Co. E. 08-29-1862

McAlister, C. A. Co. A. 06-16-1862

Patterson, W.H. Co. H. 07-31-1862

Phillips, B. Co. A. 06-27-1862

Scarbrough, W,H. Co. D. 07-09-1862

Skelton, J. S. Co. K. 11-02-1862

Smith, J.H. Co. K. 10-22-1862

Spears, J.R. Co. F. 12-08-1862

Whitley, George Co. H. 05-03-1862

Wooley, J.M. Co. F. 11-16-1862

Wright, M.J. Lt., Co. D. 06-11-1862

Wynn, H.C. Co. B. 08-13-1862

43rd Georgia Regiment

Bears,W. Co. C. 07-06-1862

Brady, Benny Co. D. 08-27-1862

Butler, W.P. 07-16-1862

Bryant 07-09-1862

Cantrell, T.G. Co. E. 10-08-1862

Carr, B.F. 06-24-1862

Coller, E.W. Co. C. 06-20-1862

Crass, Gideon Co. E. 11-27-1862

England, D.M. Co. C. 10-13-1862

Frant(K) W. C. Co. H. 10-30-1862

Garrison, D. Co. H. 08-14-1862

Gilbert. T.S. Co. G. 11-30-1862

Gravitt, John Co. B. 08-28-1862

Hanes, C. Co. C. 10-13-1862

Hendricks, W. D. Co. F. 09-20-1862

Hooper, J.B. Co. K. 11-26-1862

M.H. Co. H. 08-08-1862

Jay, W.A. Co. K. 07-30-1862

Mayse, W.J. Co. H. 09-13-1862

Mills, W.E. Co. J. 07-02-1862

McCearn, J.E. Co. H. 07-08-1862

McGash, Berg co. C. 08-08-1862

Patton, Wm. Co. I. 07-14-1862

Pinson, D. H.  Co. K. 12-04-1862

Ramsey, G. R. 07-20-1862

Seagar, Thos 11-13-1862

Slott, J.W. Co. G. 08-08-1862

Smith, H.J. Co. D. 10-10-1862

Suttles, Henry Co. F. 08-09-1862

Wheeler, J.W. Co. I 07-30-1862

Webb, C.R. Co. G. 10-05-1862

52nd Georgia Regiment

Ronler, J. C. co. K. 05-09-1862

Fry, Henry Co. A. 06-29-1862

Green, Ed. Co. I 05-16-1862

Griffen, B. Co. I. 06-14-1862

Headen, John Co. E. 05-23-1862

Holden, B. F. Co. E. 05-19-1862

Holden, R.T. Co. E. 05-19-1862

Holl, M.K. Co I. 07-04-1862

Jennings, J.L. Co. F. 11-14-1862

Manley, D.J. Co. G. 07-03-1862

Morris, R. Co. B. 05-09-1862Nelson, Z. Co. E. 06-18-1862

Olevett, D. W. Co. D. 05-31-1862

Page, P. Co. F. 06-30-1862

Parr, M.A. Co. K. 11-10-1862

Brown, C.E. Co. H. 05-21-1862

Brown, Lazarus Co. G 05-13-1862

Cameron, A.P. Co. K. 06-09-1862

Carpenter, T. Co. G. 05-12-1862

Crane, J.B. Co. A. 05-11-1862

Darnelds, A. Co. I. 05-07-1862

Dorsey, D. Co. B. 05-09-1862

Dove, B.F. 06-01-1862

Eller, W.R.Co. E. 09-11-1862

Elrod, S.W.S Co. A. 05-08-1862

Patterson, George Co. H. 11-30-1862

Pless, H.R. Co H. 06-20-1862

Ropar, A. J. Co.E. 11-24-1862

Solsly, John Co. E. 07-12-1862

Taylor, A.D. Co K. 06-08-1862

Taylor, D.S. Co. A. 07-04-1862

Vines, J.F. Co. K. 05-18-1862

Wallace, W. C. Co. K. 07-03-1862

Watkins, J.W. Co. E. 06-09-1862

-Watson, W.J. Co. G. 05-04-1862

Watson, J.A. Co. A. 05-10-1862

Wells, J.S. Co. B. 06-30-1862

Williams, M.G. Co. K. 11-11-1862

Wilson, N.C. Co. H. 06-14-1862

Wood, E.J. Co. E. 05-007-1862

Woodall, J.J. Co. I. 055-05-1862

Confederate Knoll, West View Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

These men were veterans that resided at the “Old Soldiers Home in Atlanta

Alexander, W.S.H. Co. G. 41st GA  3-16-1913

Butler, Jesse R. Sgt 43rd GA 10-19-1908

Day, Jonathan E. Pvt 43rd GA 12-25-1915

Dorster, James H. 43rd GA 5-9-1907

Jackson, James W. 42nd GA 1-31-1906

Low, Asa 41st GA 10-23-1908
Neal, Benjamin G. (Hospital Steward) 42nd GA 9-17-1912
Nicklas, Joel Pvt Co. K. 42nd GA 70-30-1901
Pershall, W.M.A. Co. F. 42nd GA 7-31-1905
Ramson, Jordan D. Co. E. 41st GA 1-2-1900

Confederate Burials, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

Sterling Clark, Co. C, 42nd Ga., died June 1, 1862.

William E. Conn, Co. B, 41st Ga., died April 26, 1862.

William Duncan, Co. K, 40th Ga., died Feb. 18, 1864.

Thomas Frank Duvall, Co. C, 41st Va., died May 2, 1862.

Henry H. Edwards, Co. E, 42nd Ga., died Dec. 28, 1862.

Corp. Hillory M. Holloway, Co. E, 41st Ga., died in 1864.

William E. Hudgins, Co. K, 41st Ga., died Nov. 13, 1863.

Daniel Henry Haynes, Co. D, 41st Ga., died April 18, 1862.

James A. Johnson, Co. K, 40th Ga., died Oct. 28, 1862.

Nathan Jacobs, Co. A,40th Ga,died Jan. 30, 1863.

Royal R. Jenkins, Co.F, 41st Ga., died April 17, 1862.

James Harrison Kilgore, Co. G, 40th Ga., died Nov. 23, 1862.

William T. McWaters, Co. K, 42nd Ga., died April 8, 1862.

Michael G. Murphy, Co. C, 41st Ga., died May 9, 1862.

T. P. Martin, Co. F, 40th Ga., died April 24, 1864.

John H. McGehee, Co. B, 41st Ga., died June 20, 1862.

Newman Moore, Co. D, 41st Ga., died April 10, 1862.

Oliver S. Maffitt, Co. E, 41st Ga., died Dec. 31, 1862.

James T. Oglesby, Co. B, 41st Ga., died April 24, 1862.

James H. O'Neil, Co. G, 41st Ga., died Nov. 13, 1862.

Robert R. Patrick, Co. C, 42nd Ga., died Aug. 10, 1863.

William L. Parr, Co. B, 42nd Ga., died Dec. 10, 1862.

E. P. Phillips, Co. C, 40th Ga., died March 2, 1864.

Leroy Randolph, Co. C, 41st Ga., died Aug. 8, 1864.

William M. Ray, Co. I, 42nd Ga., died May 26, 1864.

William E. Stewart, Co. B, 41st Ga., died June 25, 1862.

James Stepp, Co. I, 40th Ga., died June 10, 1864

Marcus DeLaFayette Smith, Co. D, 41st Ga., died May 28, 1862.

Francis M. Stamps, Co. H, 41st Ga., died Aug. 10, 1862.

Singleton Sparks, Co. B, 41st Ga., died June 17, 1862.

Sgt. James Teal, Co. F, 40th Ga., died May 20, 1864.

Robert M. Turner, Co. H, 41st Ga., died Aug., 1864.

Edward W. Veal, Co. K, 42nd Ga., died Feb. 22, 1863.

Simeon J. White, Co. E, 41st Ga., died Oct. 20, 1862.

40th, 41st, 42nd Georgia Infantry Regiments

43rd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Jackson Biddy, Co. C, died July 8, 1862.

George W. Brown, Co. C, died June 11, 1862.

Barney Baugh, Co. G, died June 10, 1862.

Mitchell Bough, Co. F, died June 7, 1862.

William A. Brown, Co. H, died Nov. 27, 1863.

Hayford A. Cash, Co. D, died May 9, 1862.

Robert H. Carson, Co. G, died June 15, 1862.

Corp. Eli H. Chaplin, Co. F, died July 2, 1862.

John Collum, Co. K, died June 28, 1862.

Robert F. Cox, Co. G, died June 18, 1862.

Dillard H. Cash, Co. D, died May 4, 1862.

John W. Cook, Co. H, died April 29, 1862.

George N. Cook, Co. H, died July 7, 1862. Probably? buried here.

David A. Clotfelter, Co. H, died July 9, 1862.

John Collins, Co. B, died June 28, 1864.

B. Jasper Compton, Co. A, died June 13, 1864.

Samuel Cox, Co. A, died June 13, 1862.

Sgt. William E. Davis, Jr., Co. F, died May 7, 1862.

Franklin Dover, Co. F, died Dec. 23, 182.

Corp. James M. David, Co. D, died June 29, 1862.

William G. M. Davis, Co. D, died June 15, 1862.

Nathaniel H. Eubanks, Co.K,died' June 17, 1862.

J. M. Gazaway, Co. E, died Dec. 7, 1862.

Alonzo F. Garrett, Co. H, died June 12, 1862.

Eli F. Hayes, Co. F,died June 14, 1862.

Sgt. John A. Hancock,Co F., died May 10, 1863

William M. Hancock, Co. G. died July 14, 1862

Henry F. Hoopaugh, Co. H, died Dec. 16, 1862.

Hiram Jacob Henderson, Co. G, died June 27, 1864

George D. Ivey, Co.F,died Feb. 4, 1864.

Samuel J. Ivey, Co.F,died in 1863. Probably buried here.

Stephen G. Jones, Co.F, died Dec. 11, 1862.

Peyton Ross King, Co E, died July 22, 1864.

Daniel F. Keever, Co B, died June 29, 1862. Probably? buried here.

Joel L. Miller, Co. F, died May 6, 1862.

P. B. Martin, Co.died April 30, 1864.

Marion Mears, Co. L,died Dec. 15, 1862. Probably? buried here.

Franklin H. Minish, Co. G, died May 12, 1862.

James F. Murray, Co.D,died June 13, 1862.

Corp. John T. Merck(Marks), Co. F, died Jan. 1, 1864.

Sgt. Pierson H. Minish, Co. G, died June 26, 1862

Henry Quinton, Co.C, died June 12, 1862.

Larkin F. Roach, Co B, died June 23, 1862.

Joseph Stroup, Co.B, died May 1, 1862.

John Seay, Co. C,died March 4, 1864.

Ervine E. Strickland, Co. F, died June 27, 1862.

Thomas R. Shockley, Co. K, died July 29, 1862.

Martin Sanders, Co. D, died May 13, 1864.

John Smith,Co. D:, died June 27, 1862.

Sgt. James A.Suddeth, Co. K, died July 2, 1862.

Daniel C. Ward, Co D, died Nov. 29, 1862.

Corp. Nathaniel Ward, Co. D, died July 5, 1862.

John C. Watkins, Co. G, died Nov. 20, 1862.

Francis Whelchel,Co. C, died May 7, 1862.

Columbus C. White, Co. G, died May 12, 1862.

James M. Wilson, Co. G, died May 12, 1862.

52nd Georgia Infantry Regiment

Andrew J. Beck, Co. I, died Nov. 22, 1862.

William B. Bell, Co. I, died May 17, 1862.

G. D. Bard, Co. C, died June 19, 1862.

Sgt. Samuel P. Bradley, Co. H, died Aug. 12, 1863.

J. V. Chastain, Co. K, died March 25, 1864.

LaFayette S. Carroll, Co. E, died Dec. 12, 1862.

R. C. Cheek, Co. K, died July 9, 1864.

George Dunnaway, Co. I, died Aug. 15, 1863.

John W. England, Co. G, died July 1, 1862.

Lewis Freeling, Co. D, died March 4, 1864.

Joel Free, Co. G, died Jan. 8, 1863.

Corp. William L. Gurley, Co. G, died June 16, 1862.

A. Kim Howard, Co. A, died June 12, 1862.

William M. Jackson, Co. B, died Aug. 11, 1863.

Thomas R. Latham, Co. A, died June 27, 1862.  

Andrew Patton, Co. A, died June 17, 1862.

James P. Palmer, Co. B, died July 4, 1862.

W. Monroe Payne, Co. K, died Dec. 18, 1862.

James A. Scott, Co. A, died July 22, 1862.

W. LaFayette Shook, Co. F, died June 17, 1862.

Abraham B. Smith, Co. F, died Nov. 30, 1863.

Thomas J. Smith, Co. C, died Dec. 11, 1863.

G. W. Suggs, Co. B, died Dec. 2, 1862.

James W. Stovall, Co. B, died Dec. 4, 1862.

George Turpin, Co. F, died June 21, 1862.

Jeremiah M. Taylor, Co. E, died June 21, 1862.

William J. Wilson, Co. A, died July 9, 1862.

Pvt S. S. Worley, Co. F, died Jan. 3, 1864.

Jonathan C. York, Co. F, died June 23, 1862.

Sgt. Elishan York, Co. F, 52nd Ga., died June 27, 1862.

Georgia Brigade Members Buried at Vicksburg, Mississippi

These are the soldiers buried in the City Cemetery, Vicksburg

Armstrong,D.H. D-42 02/05/63

Batis, W.L  I-42 03/24/63

Bennett, J.G. B-42  01/07/63

Bennett, L. H. I-41  06/08/63

Besse, J. G-40 12/09/62

Betts, R. C. B-42  0l/29/63

Booker,W. P. H-42  06/05/63

Brown, E. J. B-40  04/12/63

Cagell, H. C-40  07/02/63

Candle, H. C-40 07/03/63

Clay, Jessee W. D-42 05/16/63

Coben, Wm. G-4  03/30/63

Covington.T. I-52 07/02/63

Craft, John D-42 01/21/63

Danily, W. I-41 6/20/63

Davis, G. W. H-43 04/09/63

Dial, C. H-43 04/17/63

Duke, Wm. C-40 04/06/63

Dunn, A. 1-43 04/06/63

Durham, M. W. B-40 06/02/63

Emerson, John C.G-43 02/10/63

Goodson, George L. F-40 05/01/63

Goss, C. B. I-52 02/28/63

Green, J. M. E-42 03/08/63

Hamerson, C. G.£-40 04/26/63

Hammond, Thomas B-40 04/23/63

Hanson, Lt.W. B. G-40 01/29/63

Henderson, F. M. D-40 03/08/63

Hendon, A. B-43 06/25/63

Henry,J. F. C-42 03/31/63

Hinley J.P. F-40 06/27/63

Holeum, W. P. 1-40 06/06/63

Hudson, W. H. C. F-4206/28/63

James, Sherar K-52 04/29/63

Jollie, O. I-42 03/24/63

Kagle, R. M. D-42 02/17/63

Kelly, James D-4203/16/63

Kennedy, W. C. L-43 05/15/63

Kent, C. J. C-42 03/20/63

King, W. T. C-42 3/20/63

Lipscomb, W. J. K-41 06/20/63

Littell, P. N. D-52 06/13/63

Long, J. W. G-41 07/04/63

Lynyard, B. A-40 06/25/63

Martin, J. W. E-52 06/18/63

Martin, S. N. B-42 01/30/63

McAdams, E. ]. H-40 31/30/63

McArthur, L. V L-43 07/03/63

McCarty, M. E-42 06/29/63

McHahen, J. E H-40 03/22/63

McWilliams, J. N. K-41 07/02/63

Moore, John E-41 06/30/63

Morgan, A. K-40 06/29/63

Morgan, J. B. G-40 06/25/63

Nathan, I-52 01/12

Nelms, W. P. K-4303/16/63

Noland, S. W. E-42 02/25/63

Parker, J. D. B-41 02/19/63

Pender, D. B-40 06/26/63

Penley, N.H-43 06/08/63

Pullin, W. E. E-43 06/08/63

Rice, John F-43 03/31/63

Roberts, S. A-4202/10/63

Seabbott, J. M. C-52 01/30/63

Shaw, J. W. F-4201/21/63

Shaw.J.H. I-40 03/19/63

Smith,W. S. F-40 06/06/63

Taylor, Jas. W I-43 02/01/63

Tucker, E. H. A-40 01/26/63

Turner, Lt. N, D-42 01/29/63

Wall, W. J. H-43 06/22/63

Waul, J. H-43 06/23/63

Westbrook, M. I-43 01/14/63

Whitehurst, W. T. G-42 01/29/63

Wilson, John W. B-42 03/14/63

Wix, J. W. C-40 02/13/63

Yancy, W. F. F-40 06/25/63

Yeao A, J. D. E-41 02/02/63

Also buried in the Vicksburg area

Goodson, Marion Washington (Mike), Pvt., Regimental Drummer
Co., F. 40th Ga.,

Buried Calhoun County Cemetery, Pittsboro, MS...
Died December 10, 1889

Goodson, George Luther, 4th Corporal, Co., F. 40th Ga.
Buried Confederate Cedar Hills Cemetery, Sky Farm Rd., Vicksburg, MS
Died of disease on May 1, 1863

Locations of Other Burial Sites For Soldiers of the Barton-Stovall Brigade

Judson Bulloch Cemetery, Manchester, Georgia

Bulloch, Jesse Hood Pvt. Co F. 41st GA.  April 3, 1934

Flint Hill Methodist Cemetery Hiram, Georgia

Ashberry B Clonts ,40th Ga

Co F

Samuel Gore,   40th Ga Co. F

Henry Lanier, 40th Ga Co. F (died  6-17-62)

Old Shady Grove Church Cemetery,  

Elsberry, Zebulon B. Sgt. Co. A 40th GA

Elsberry, Matthew Co. A 2nd Corp GA Inf

Macedonia Cemetery,
Manchester, Ga.

Bulloch, Daniel H. Pvt. Co. F. 41st GA,

Oct. 20, 1920

 Union Cemetery,
Nevada County, Arkansas

Hairston, Josiah Marion  June 1, 1834 - November 29. 1919, Co B, 41st Georgia

Richardson, John A.  May 7, 1843 - September 26 1907, Co B, 41st Georgia

New Hope Cemetery,
Paulding County, Georgia

Elsberry, George Pvt Co. A. 40th GA

Ben Hill United Methodist  Old Fairburn Road, Atlanta, GA

Bryant, G.A. Co. B. 41st GA  3/25/1825 3/18/1898

Peacock, Thomas J. Co I 42nd GA 10/6/1838 12/11/1893

Brayant, Clark H. Co. I 42nd GA 10/18/1827 6/19/1905  

Stonewall Confederate Cemetery,

Griffin, Georgia

J.C. Bissell, Co.C 40th Ga.

John L.P. Isbell, Co. C. 40th Ga.

W.J. Kirk, Co. A. 40th, Ga.

G. B,. Massy, Co. C. 40th Ga.

J.L. Austin, Co. G, 42nd Ga.

J.A. Betts, Co. B 42nd Ga.

M.V. Dobbs, Co K., 52nd Ga.

Oaklawn Cemetery (Old Pond) Fort Valley, Georgia

Copeland, George P. Pvt Co I  (e,b)  41st  Georgia

Sanders, W. A. Co. A. 40th Georgia.

Maplewood Confederate Cemetery, Tullahoma , Tennessee

Eskew, Samuel Pvt., Company G. 41st. Died November 8, 1862 of measles.

Hardin, John J. Pvt., Company G. 41st  Died November 10, 1862.

Jacobson, Morris Pvt., Company F. 41st, Died May 1862.

The Hairston Brothers, Company B, 41st Georgia

Oliver Hazard Perry Hairston, died Nov 1, 1886. Buried Caulksville Cemetery, Logan Co., Arkansas.

Thomas J. Hairston, died July 26, 1862, buried Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi.

Pinkney Madison Hariston, died 1921, buried New Salem Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia

Adolphus B Hairston, died November 7, 1929, buried Fairview Cemetery, Pryor, Oklahoma.

Cochran, Abraham J.- private March 4, 1862 . Captured atPerryville, Ky.

January 14, 1863 . Died of pneumonia in Baltimore, Md. hospital February 7, 1863 .

COCHRANE, A. J., --, Co. E, 41st GA, buried 12.--.1862. B-66.

Edward Vance Branham, Private/Quartermaster, Co. F 42nd GA.Born 1843, Died 1902, buried Lot#34 Oxford Historical Cemetery,Newton Georgia.

George W. Stovall, Pvt 43rd GA Regt. Died 1930,  buried in Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Ga.

Captain Thomas Jefferson Mercer, Company E, 42nd Georgia Infantry.
Born May 13, 1826  Died October 12, 1886

Zachariah Alexander Hood, Co. G, 41st Georgia. June 20, 1842 - April 17, 1918.
Buried Center Point Cemetery, Lawrence County, TN ( SE of Lawrejnceburg, TN)

Canton Confederate Cemetery, Canton, Madison County, MS.
Martin Ayers, Co. K, 40th Georgia, March 22, 1863
M. Farmer,     Co. C, 40th Georgia, March 14, 1863
Mangum (C.) Maxwell, Co. K, 41st Georgia, June 30, 1862 or July 3, 1862.
Note: Henderson rosters state a middle initial of C for M. Mangum.
Martin Parris, Co. L, 43rd Beorgia, February 21, 1863

Pvt. Daniel M. McDaniel, 42nd Georgia Infantry. Company B. April 28, 1838 - July 9, 1862.
Buried in the Sweetwater Chapel Cemetery, Lilburn, Ga.

Edward D. Crow, Company C., 43rd Georgia.
Buried Green Springs Church Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama.

Nicholasville, Ky Cemetery Confederate Lot
Dickson, Eugene Pvt. Co. F 42nd Ga. died 10/18/62
Dickson, Eugene S., 2nd. Corpl. Co. F 42nd Ga. died 11/16/62
Hale, W. J. Co. 40th Ga.
Rice, Henry 42nd Ga.

Bartow County Georgia Pine Log Methodist Church Cemetery
MOOR, Andrew P.
1844-1921 Pvt. Co. I 43rd Regt. Ga. Inf. CSA

Sand Hollow Cemetery
Sand Hollow Cemetery is located East of Pearsall, Texas out Sand Hollow Road about 3 miles, near FM Road 140.
Wallace, J. G., 42nd GA CSA
28 March 1835 - 1 March 1908

Located in N/E Bartow County GA on private property in the Corbin Community.
Corbin, James P.
02-12-1844  12-11-1863
Company B, 40th Georgia

Emerson Cemetery
Located on 7th St. in Emerson, GA.
Jefferson, Thelbert D.
03/19/1842  11/22/1911
Private, Company B, 40th Georgia

Lewis-Linn Cemetery
Located White West, Bartow County GA
LEWIS, Harleston D. (Davis) (Sr) 03-19-1837
Private, Company I, 40th Georgia

New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery
Located 3814 New Hope Church Rd SE  Acworth, GA 30102 Bartow County GA
McCrery, William Franklin
1839 -1888
Private, Company E, 43rd Georgia

Cassville Cemetery
Located in Bartow County GA
Pittard, Samuel L.
12/11/1833  - 5/23/1900
Private, Company I, 40th Georgia

Pittard, Thomas N.
11/29/1829  - 9/11/1907
Private, Company I, 40th Georgia

Confederate Hill, Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
A. J. Cochran, Company E 41st Georgia
December 1862

Wofford Cross Roads Baptist Church Cemetery, Bartow County GA
1831 - 1864
1st Lieut Co I, 40 GA Inf CSA

John J. Mason - Company C, 41st Georgia Infantry; Died: Aug 12, 1864
Buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Forsyth, GA.

Cedartown Cemetery, Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia
Jasper M. Richards,  40th GA Co. I5-10-1835 - 4-20-1

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
Starling J. Roberts.- private March 4, 1862. Appointed   3d Corporal July 1862.
Captured,  date and place not given. Died of smallpox at Camp Chase  September  28, 1864.

Center Grove Baptist Church Cemetery,  White Co., GA
Allen Jefferson Gunter, 2nd Sergeant, Company F, 43rd Georgia.
Born July 7, 1838 -Died August 30, 1918.
Private Sanford Marion Davis, Company A. 42nd GA.
Born May 22, 1830, Died September 7, 1863, Lawrenceville, GA.
Buried at Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery, Gwinnett Co. GA

Private Archibald W. Rice, Company B., 41st GA, died 1913.Buried in Chandler, Texas
(A few miles West of Tyler)

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Graveyard, Dawson County Georgia:.
Ananias Covington. Co. D, 40th Georgia Inf. Died August 13, 1864.

David Covington, Co. D, 40th Georgia Inf. Died August 13, 1864

John H. Covington, Co. I 52nd Georgia Inf. Died February 5, 1910.

Beauvoir Confederate Veteran's Cemetery, Biloxi, MS.
Richardson W.M. 43rd GA Cavalry 9/20/1925 B-06-269
Thomas J.M. 40th GA Infantry 12/9/1906 A-06-167

New Hope Cemetery, Dallas, Georgia
John H. Turner, Co. C., 41st Georgia Regiment

Stonewall Confederate Cemetery, Griffin, Georgia

Private William Kirk, Co. F 40th Georgia Infantry
Private John Isbell Co. C 40th Georgia Infantry

Private Marvin V. Dobbs, Co. K, 52nd Georgia Infantry

Cassville Cemetery, Cassvile, Georgia    

Benson, John M, 40th, Co. A           [ Hospital listing - graves are unmarked]

Burrell, Samuel J. 42nd, Co. A          [ Hospital listing - graves are unmarked]
Elison, William 42nd, Co. H              [ Newsome hospital-unmarked.]

Hardy, Richard J. 43rd, Co. G          [ Hospital listing - graves are unmarked]

Plunkett, Charles W. 42nd, Co F      [ Hospital listing - graves are unmarked]

Proctor, Thomas 43rd, Co. E            [ Hospital listing - graves are unmarked]

Yellow Dirt Cemetery, Heard County, Georgia  
Located at the Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley.

Jones, Henry  Co., I, 41st GA.  Discharged at Tupelo on July 1, 1862.

Shelnutt, J. P., Co. G, 40th GA, 1844-1927


Where Our Soldiers Lie